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Sun-Oracle: Here’s how you could be affected?

The big Oracle acquisition that has The Street talking is none other than Sun Microsystems, Inc. The acquisition of Sun following on the heels of Oracle’s HP Oracle Database Machine last year signals a new era at Oracle – selling hardware. Despite the European Commission review of the Sun-Oracle deal, we believe that once the E.U. completes its investigation, it will rule in Oracle’s favor and the company will get its Sun business back on track. In the meantime, we […]

IBM Power6 – No more discounting with Oracle products

The latest Oracle processor core scaling factor table now rates an IBM Power6 processor at a scaling factor of 1.0 per core, which means no more 25 per cent discount on Power6 processor cores when it comes to Oracle products. The Power6 processor, launched initially in the summer of 2007, is a dual-core chip and design, just like its predecessors the Power5 and the Power5+ kicker. But the Power6 chip is said to have roughly twice the performance vis-à-vis the […]

A case of software licensing indemnification

Epicrealm is a former web acceleration company that stopped marketing and selling its products around 2003 filed lawsuits last year against a group of 13 companies including Safelite for allegedly infringing on two patents that cover the way in which many dynamic web pages are constructed and served. Although Oracle isn’t part of any of the lawsuits, the company supplies software that delivers dynamic web pages. Under the terms of its software license agreement, Oracle agrees to indemnify its customers […]

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