Guest Blog: Paul Vallee, Pythian on Bash

A new vulnerability in a utility called “Bash”, a commonly-installed command execution shell, was discovered yesterday. This vulnerability has been termed “SHELLSHOCK” by the media. Pythian’s systems were patched overnight and are no longer vulnerable. This vulnerability only affects Linux systems, so if you are not running Linux on your data center servers this vulnerability does not apply to you. What is Bash? Bash is a “shell”—a basic component that enables interaction between a human and an operating system, in this […]

Want to Learn How to Take a Bite Out of Linux Support Costs? Sign up for our next webinar!

While Linux is open source, support can still be costly. Oracle Linux support is a more cost effective alternative to Red Hat support and delivers enterprise class level of service.  Oracle Linux also offers differentiated capabilities like Ksplice, DTrace and Linux Containers and doesn’t require any major changes to IT operations. We’ll be hosting a webinar with Oracle to provide step-by-step instructions and demonstrate how to significantly reduce Linux support costs. February 18th @ 12:30 PM ET Register here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/230305826 Topics to be […]

Microsoft training Best Buy employees against Linux

For those CIOs contemplating a move to Linux – Microsoft is one step ahead of you. Those crafty folks at Redmond have actually created a training program for retail employees at Best Buy to convey that Windows 7 beats Linux – going as far as making statements about Linux being better are, in fact, myths. An employee of Best Buy has leaked the presentation given by Microsoft anti-Linux training program. The presentation even emphasizes the use of Windows 7 on […]

Processor/CPU licensing: Intel Hyper-threading throws off count

Some processors have a dual core, single chip that appears to be two CPUs within the Oracle kernel (the Oracle kernel determines the number of CPUs on a system during start-up). This is the case with Intel Hyper-threading, where the number of physical CPUs doubles when running on Linux or Windows with a hyper-threading setting of OS or BIOS. Oracle will charge a CPU license fee for the extra cores in multiple core CPUs. Therefore, you will need to license for […]

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