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Licensing desktop operating systems

With Microsoft desktop operating systems (OS) are surprisingly simple when it comes to licensing. For each physical or virtual client that uses that operating system you can install one copy per license. This includes thin clients also. The only exception to this rule is if you have a volume licensing program – the desktop OS license is an upgrade. Typically, the licenses that come with your PCs when you purchase them are considered base licenses; therefore, you should only have […]

Licensing Loopholes allows XP to Remain OS of Choice

Ever since Vista’s launch, there has been a great swell of protest and resistance, from both enterprise IT to the average consumer, to installation of the operating system. The good news is that many computer manufacturers: Dell, HP and Lenovo have found a licensing loophole that allows Windows XP to be used as the operating system. Under the Windows Vista licensing terms, XP is provided free under the terms of a downgrade license for select versions of the operating system. […]

Who would have thought about the fonts?

Here is the scenario – you buy new computers for the office that all come with an upgraded version of the latest operating system. On top of all that comes with the new operating system – training, compatibility issues with old computers, etc – did you ever think you would have to consider fonts??? Well, what many IT managers don’t realize, or don’t have the bandwidth to consider, is that all fonts are licensed and need to be kept up […]

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