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What’s the biggest Microsoft licensing issue?

Boy! We get this question all the time. Cost. The cost- Enterprise Agreement, in particular – has come under increased scrutiny during the recent economic stress. Both IT and Financial executives are questioning the value of their licensing and support dollars. This scrutiny is not lessening as businesses respond to the economic recovery and start to move forward with new applications and systems requiring new infrastructure and software. If anything, it may be increasing. Clients are – and should be […]

Enterprise Software: Mediocrity, Meltdowns and More

Recently, I was catching up on my reading and came across CIO Magazine’s Thomas Wailgum hilarious First Annual Enterprise Software Awards spoof. A smackdown of the enterprise software vendors accepting awards for bad customer service, bad marketing and SaaS versus traditional software modults. Read Wailgum’s satirical blog post. First Annual Enterprise Software Awards: Mediocrity, Meltdowns and More.

Microsoft’s Patent for Metered Licensing Model Approved

Last week, Microsoft received approval for a patent for technology to meter software use and access to specific computer hardware. Why would they want this? Microsoft wants to introduce a “metered pay as you go” licensing model. The new model would include fees that would be charged again as a prepaid or billed account for software and services. We believe that Microsoft is moving in this direction for several reasons; one being that their traditional licensing model is in trouble, […]

Week in Review in the World of Software Licensing

Its seems that software licensing has been the hearts and minds of many as Forrester rolls out its reporter on application licensing and pricing and Microsoft launches a licensing quiz. • Forrester points out is 29% of a company’s total IT budget will be spent on software-related costs in 2008 including on software maintenance fees – around 30% of the budget – according to Forrester’s “Software Licensing and Pricing” report. In the most recent “Trends 2008: Applications Licensing and Pricing” […]

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