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Similarities between Oracle and IBM CPU-based licensing

Is it still the same after Oracle has purchased Sun? One of the first things I noticed after the similarity between IBM and Oracle’s CPU-based software licensing – both base the licensing on cores – I noticed Oracle skews their software core factor table to favor Sun hardware. IBM doesn’t reduce the software licensing if a client runs their software on an IBM box.

Processor/CPU licensing: Multi-core

Software vendors have different licensing rules. With Oracle, you have to understand that you’re licensing per processor (CPU) for running the Oracle software, versus per user. There are various scenarios and factors that change the licensing and pricing. For example, multi-core processors are counted by number of cores, and processors have a different multiple. 0.25 for SUN’s UltraSparc T1 processors 0.50 for Intel and AMD processors 0.75 for SUN’s UltraSparc T2 processors 0.75 for most other multi-core processors 1.00 for […]

Oracle and Sun – what will it mean for customers?

Looks like Ellison is going shopping again at bargain prices with Oracle‘s acquisition of Sun Microsystems. This could mean that Oracle is more in line with becoming a competitor to HP, even while touting a joint HP-Oracle Database Machine and Exadata Programmable Storage Server (only launched last year). With Sun, Oracle will get more from the business relationships to sell into customers it already knows and expand into organizations where it may not have a current footprint. But how will […]

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