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Microsoft training Best Buy employees against Linux

For those CIOs contemplating a move to Linux – Microsoft is one step ahead of you. Those crafty folks at Redmond have actually created a training program for retail employees at Best Buy to convey that Windows 7 beats Linux – going as far as making statements about Linux being better are, in fact, myths. An employee of Best Buy has leaked the presentation given by Microsoft anti-Linux training program. The presentation even emphasizes the use of Windows 7 on […]

Is the end of XP support going to help 7 succeed?

Most companies have a wait and see approach when a new operating system is launched. Where Windows 7 is concerned, we are not surprised to hear CIOs doing just that – with many of them saying clearly that they are going to wait 12 to 24 months before looking at an upgrade. They want to let the early adopters be the guinea pigs, so to speak. But, Microsoft is putting an end to support for XP – which many companies […]

Windows 7 – Should we upgrade?

Since Windows 7 is now available and in high demand, we wanted to offer some resources for information on the product, where to get help and updates, etc. It’s a tough decision whether to switch or not, or when to switch. Hope these help you make the right decision for your business! Microsoft’s free Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor A comparison of Editons of Windows 7 Take a tour of Windows 7 Follow @MicrosoftHelps on Twitter Check out the Windows 7 […]

Microsoft licensing hack

It looks like there is a technical loophole that allows you to upgrade illegally. When Microsoft finally released Windows 7, there has been a lot of grumbling over Microsoft’s lack of direction on the upgrade process in the last few weeks from Microsoft Windows 7 testers. Microsoft does not allow an upgrade from the pre-release version of Windows 7 – e.g. Windows 7 Beta or Windows 7 Release Candidate – to Windows 7 RTM. In fact, when you try, you’ll […]

Two new Windows 7 pricing details revealed…

In anticipation of the big October launch of Microsoft Windows 7, two new announcements regarding pricing have been made – one a good deal, the other, not so much… The first offer is called Family Pack, which includes Windows 7 Home Premium installation media and a license key that can be activated on three PCs in a single household. This is being sold for an estimated retail price of $150. Upside is the multiple licenses for this cost – families […]

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