Month: April 2008

Brian Frank of Adobe Talks about Flash Lite 3

This is an interesting video from Beet.tv that talks about the licensing of Adobe’s Flash Lite 3 to Microsoft. Beet.tv interviewed Brian Frank from Adobe how Flash Lite enables viewing of Flash video on mobile phones, and subsequently, opens up doors for games and customized user interfaces. Microsoft’s multimedia platform has offered the promise of enabling these types of applications – which has attracted players like Adobe to their network. 450 million devices are now being shipped with Flash Lite […]

Microsoft: Using Vista Loophole is Cheating

I was called upon by CRN/ChannelWeb’s Microsoft Reporter Kevin McLaughlin today to comment on the Vista loophole or as we like to call it “the big ol’ gaping software licensing issue that’s giving Microsoft a migraine issue.”  The article Microsoft: Using Vitas Loophole is Cheating ran about an hour after I spoke with Kevin on the phone.  We’ll likely see much more coverage on this software licensing issue in the upcoming weeks.

Oracle licensing revenue up slightly is not a need to panic

So, I’ve waited until the reporters, stories, rumors and commentary has died down somewhat before weighing in on Oracle (ORCL, Fortune 500) third quarter earnings.  OK, so the numbers didn’t quite meet projected growth.  Did people really expect that to happen with today’s environment and Oracle aggressive acquisition strategy? The theory that companies will stop buying applications or “squeeze more” out of their current applications to save money is just not realistic. A company can stop buying new Oracle licenses, […]

Worries over Oracle earnings performance makes for better Oracle licensing deals?

So, Miro is in the Washington Post (again)!  Our very own Eliot Colon was a resource and heavily quoted within the article.  Below are some excerpts.  Eliot Arlo Colon, president and chief operating officer of Miro Consulting, an Oracle license consulting firm in Fords, New Jersey…… “It’s becoming more public that Oracle only has so much bandwidth to process larger deals at the end of the year. The message coming from Oracle field reps now is, ‘Don’t wait until the […]

Educators bypass software licensing costs?

Certainly, technology in the classroom is growing across the globe and educators and technology companies alike are paying attention to the potential advance systems such as miniBooks have in our school systems. A company called RM recently donated 25 miniBooks to a school in the UK that use Linux OS and free software packages such as Open Office. By avoiding using Windows, software licensing fees are bypassed, cutting down on the costs that could certainly discourage other schools from using […]

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