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IBM Audits & Licensing Live Q&A

Sign up for our next webinar on IBM audits and licensing! Miro’s IBM expert and senior analyst, Sharon Trembley, will answer audience submitted questions on IBM audits, IBM license compliance and IBM cost containment strategies. Topics will range from triggers for an IBM audit, tokenization licensing to how to use ILMT effectively and efficiently.

The BSA’s “nauseating” anti-piracy tactics

We have often addressed the BSA and their piracy fighting tactics here on this blog as a warning sign for those who aren’t taking compliance as seriously as they should be. PC Pro Magazine recently wrote a story about a small business that was targeted by the BSA and the exact tactics that were used to strong arm them into an audit.

Have you seen us lately?

We’ve been included in some great articles in the media lately. Not that the articles are great because we’re in them, but because the articles are worth the read (with or without our commentary). They are very helpful pieces about licensing, virtualization and of course audits that are a good read! Enjoy! PC World – October 08, 2009 Does Microsoft Complicate Its Licensing on Purpose? Federal Computer Week – September 21, 2009 5 traps that can spoil virtualization savings PC […]

A good dose of CYA

Software asset management involves staying on top of compliance. SOX compels CEOs and CFOs to attest to reporting clean financials and reporting material changes regularly. Here’s the gotcha moment: SOX also requires them to be compliant with copyright law, which is what gives teeth to vendor audits by the likes of Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe and many of our beloved enterprise software vendors. So in the spirit of CYA, ensure that you have what you need to be compliant. All leading […]

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