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Larry isn’t worried

With the financial crisis (or should I say crises) happening faster than a bunch of falling dominoes, Larry Ellison is unconcerned about how this will affect Oracle and technology spending (in general).  The fact that Oracle’s “exposure to banking customers is in the low-single digits” with an even lower exposure to US banks could be the reason Larry has kept on smiling.   In fact, revenues grew 18% compared to last year’s 4th quarter.  Well, if Larry isn’t worried, why should […]

What is going to happen when Larry Ellison retires?

There has never been a discussion of retirement of a successor named to Larry Ellison, but blogger Tom Foremski is predicting that at the very least it would be a former Oracle employee and he points specifically to Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce.com – he also predicts that Oracle would then acquire Salesforce.com. Benioff spent 13 years with Oracle prior to founding Salesforce.com and the rumor mill can’t get enough on the topic of Ellison’s retirement, although sources […]

Should Larry be on top?

Now that Oracle’s very own Larry Ellison is Forbes’ #1 top-paid CEOs in technology companies for 2007, there are a flurry of comments on whether he deserves it.  It all started with Shayna Garlick’s Does Ellison Deserve to be No.1?  Old Larry even knocked his best friend – Steve Jobs – down for the position. Maybe it’s all those Oracle licensing fees.  Just kidding, Larry. So, does he deserve to be Numero Uno?   Tell us what you think.

BEA, Oracle, MySQL, Sun Microsystems….oh, my!

So, two big news items happened this week.  Oracle is buying BEA Systems and Sun Microsystems will buy MySQL.  So, Larry Ellison gets his wish (Was there any doubt?).  The good news is that BEA makes some mean middleware that will only strengthen Oracle’s offerings.   And, yowza!  The free, open source database used by Facebook, Google dozens of companies (including some Fortune 1000 and Global 100 companies IS being bought by Sun.  It’s only January.  Can’t wait to see […]

Sybase on the Blocks?

Sybase on the blocks? An article appearing in the Saturday Dec 29 2007 edition of the Wall Street Journal suggested that Sybase may be up for sale, its second-largest institutional investor, Sandell Asset Management, suggesting there would be “significant strategic interest” in acquiring Sybase, and that a “reasonable valuation” in a sale would be $30 to $39 a share. Sybase is currently trading around $24. The article refers to a possible proxy fight, meaning a fight over who controls the […]

Larry Ellison is taking his second baby public

Larry Ellison is taking his second technology baby, NetSuite, public on Dec 21st. Analysts believe NetSuite’s value could be more than $1 billion, Larry and his family set to retain more than half. So what is NetSuite anyway? It’s a maker of on-demand business management software for small to mid-sized businesses. At the moment NetSuite has more than 5,400 customers. It’s concentrating on companies with fewer than 1,000 employees-which is fast growing market, and faster growing than the large enterprise market […]

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