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In the Multi-core era, software runs behind hardware

A few inquiries came in from my April 30 vlog on Multicore: Hardware is running ahead of software regarding per-socket pricing, the new multi-cores and some additional thoughts. For all those who asked (as well as those who didn’t), ComputerWorld’s Patrick Thibodeau wrote a piece – In Multi-Core Era, Per-Socket Pricing Faces Challenges – that had us all thinking.

Processor/CPU licensing: Intel Hyper-threading throws off count

Some processors have a dual core, single chip that appears to be two CPUs within the Oracle kernel (the Oracle kernel determines the number of CPUs on a system during start-up). This is the case with Intel Hyper-threading, where the number of physical CPUs doubles when running on Linux or Windows with a hyper-threading setting of OS or BIOS. Oracle will charge a CPU license fee for the extra cores in multiple core CPUs. Therefore, you will need to license for […]

Processor/CPU licensing: Multi-core

Software vendors have different licensing rules. With Oracle, you have to understand that you’re licensing per processor (CPU) for running the Oracle software, versus per user. There are various scenarios and factors that change the licensing and pricing. For example, multi-core processors are counted by number of cores, and processors have a different multiple. 0.25 for SUN’s UltraSparc T1 processors 0.50 for Intel and AMD processors 0.75 for SUN’s UltraSparc T2 processors 0.75 for most other multi-core processors 1.00 for […]

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