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Ballmer admits flaws in MS licensing, no change in sight

At a recent event in London, Steve Ballmer was asked about Microsoft’s complex licensing policies to which he acknowledged that yes, Microsoft licensing isn’t simple, never has been and probably never will be. So, is there a chance for changes in the near future? Nope, of course not!  Ballmer even bolded stated that it just isn’t going to happen. So, here’s our advice to combat this. Start paying attention to the fine print. Look at your terms and conditions. Be […]

Six steps to SAM

Software asset management (SAM) doesn’t have to be a daunting process. It can be very simple and rewarding if implemented properly. Here are six necessary steps to a successful SAM program (tongue twister eh?): 1.     Know and understand your SLAs for all your software vendors (not all licensing agreements are created  equal), the terms and conditions, and if you have questions, ask your rep or a consultant to explain them to you. Now this seems basic and it should be, […]

Compliance: The Foundation for Working with Oracle

Companies tend to forget that compliance is the foundation for working with Oracle and it is also the base for creating cost efficiencies. It’s understandable as IT folks are more focused on how Oracle’s app will solve a problem for them. If nothing else keep in mind the following: 1. Never assume a license usage right. In fact, assume that you don’t have the right to use the license and verify. 2. Confirm any and all assumptions with examples. And, […]

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