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The BSA’s “nauseating” anti-piracy tactics

We have often addressed the BSA and their piracy fighting tactics here on this blog as a warning sign for those who aren’t taking compliance as seriously as they should be. PC Pro Magazine recently wrote a story about a small business that was targeted by the BSA and the exact tactics that were used to strong arm them into an audit.

Compliance Validation Best Practices

Get it in writing. Get all assumptions clarified and then confirmed in writing. You don’t want to assume anything and any discussion or email in which you are getting the best leverage should be mentioned in detail within your agreement. We see a lot of our clients – even the largest Oracle enterprise – treat emails and verbal discussions as legally binding agreements, which is untrue in the case of an Oracle software licensing agreement. It is not up to […]

Microsoft Enterprise Agreements

Enterprise Subscription Agreements are typically for businesses with a need to standardize their Microsoft software and with a minimum of 250 PCs. What are the benefits? Some of the benefits include: savings for a 3-year agreement and included software assurance. The drawbacks? Software available is limited to: Office Professional Plus, Office Enterprise, Windows Vista Business Upgrade, Core Client Access License, and Enterprise CAL Suite, which includes the Core CAL plus seven additional CALs: Office SharePoint Enterprise CAL, Office Communications Server […]

Cloudy software licensing issues

Cloud computing — also known as grid computing (or you just call it on-demand computing) has been making headway in the press lately.  Aside from publications that stem from security to data privacy, there is a whole host of complex licensing and compliance issues that need to be addressed.  For example, in the world of cloud computing, there is one application that might the running on numerous servers.  Or, what happens when your software vendor decides to do an audit?  […]

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