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Change to Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Let’s say your current commercial Enterprise Agreement – scheduled for renewal this coming September – is for 325 seats of Windows client, Office, and perhaps one of the Client Access License (“CAL”) Suites. Your company hasn’t seen significant growth in user population, so the anticipation is that the renewal will be for that same number of licenses. Nope! Based on Microsoft’s change (their “refresh” as Microsoft refers to it), you are not eligible for the Enterprise Agreement any longer. That […]

Office 365 for Consumers: What You Need to Know

Although Microsoft Office 365 for businesses isn’t out until later this month – the consumer version – Home Premium – is available now. How does that affect your business? Well, any employee who has Home Premium (which includes Outlook and Access), and uses a computer with this version installed, that connects to corporate email or databases, is misusing the license. The Home Premium license does not cover these instances. Specifically, it says” Only one person at a time may use […]

Quick Byte: Microsoft Licensing Tip # 4

For Microsoft online services such as Live Meeting or Exchange Online, there are three kinds of licenses for these products dependant on the offering in which you choose to use and its requirements – meaning, you may or may have to license each of your programs differently should Microsoft ask for it. The first is a User or Device Subscription License which is required for each user or device that will access the online service. The second – a services […]

Quick Byte: Microsoft Licensing Tip # 2

According to Microsoft, each user that you permit access to your software requires a license. Ok…you’r probably saying “duh, I knew that,” but read on, my friend. You can install any number of copies of your software on any devices, for example and employee’s desk computer, laptop and perhaps a conference room PC, BUT, here is the clincher, only licensed users can access the software. So let me put it this way, if a random person enters your office and […]

Quick Byte: Microsoft Licensing Tip # 1

Just like Oracle software licensing, Microsoft has its complexities as well. When using a Microsoft application, you must license each device in which you will access the software (locally and remotely). You can install any version of the application you prefer, for example many users currently will use Office 2003 instead of the newer 2007 version, but if both are installed, 2007 must be licensed. The same goes for a server installation – if computers in your office are using […]

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