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Microsoft’s New Volume Agreement Isn’t As Short And Simple As Advertised

Microsoft debuted a new volume licensing agreement earlier this year – Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). Tim Hedegus of Miro was asked by CRN Magazine to shed some light on this new agreement and debate whether its really as simple as Microsoft claims. If you are interested in finding out more about this topic, you can read his comments here.

How nonprofit discounts/educational discounts play a role in contract negotiations

In addition to commercial accounts, Microsoft offers volume license agreements that apply to four areas: government, education, healthcare and nonprofit. Before beginning a negotiation for these types of agreements you must be able to establish eligibility for one of these programs.

Microsoft License Advisor

Hmmm, an online self-service resource – Microsoft License Advisor for Volume Licensing – can be used to figure out what licensing needs your company has.  This is a great initial start to understanding licensing needs.  It’s also a great marketing tool for online self-service resource. Only issue is that it doesn’t give you insight into how you AREN’T compliant. Devil is in the detail! Ignore the too-chipper voiceover. It gets on your nerves after the first 30 seconds.

Microsoft Volume Licensing – Which one is for me?

There are seven, yes seven different MS licensing schemes, we thought we would share this great comparison chart that helps define each programs, and should help you choose which program best fits your organization. Just remember that software licensing is not always black and white.  Since software licensing is a part of intellectual property, it’s subject to interpretation – like any legal policy.

Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement

The Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is much more flexible than the ISV program. It allows you to license MS products on a monthly subscription basis, during a 3-year term, while enabling your organization to use the products to provide software services to customers. The following scenarios would make the SPLA program the best suited for you: You distribute Microsoft licensed products as part of a unified solution, not as stand-alone products. You do not lease or rent Microsoft licensed […]

Microsoft Volume Licensing: Size Does Matter

Microsoft Volume Licensing models address organizations in two main categories based on size: organizations with more than 5 but less than 250 computers and organizations with more than 250 computers. If your company is part of the SMB (small to mid-size business), defined as having less than 250 computers, The MS Open programs offer volume discounts, with little upfront costs. There are two options for Open programs: Open Value and Open License. Open Value offers software assurance, simplified license management […]

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