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Cost Saving tips for hard times

Despite economic conditions, businesses still need services and still need to pay maintenance fees. Budgets are being cut, but many needs remain the same, prompting IT folks to scramble and figure out the best course of action. Here are some quick tips for negotiation that should help you get the most from your vendors: Don’t send in the accounting person – non-technical people should not do the negotiating; and don’t have your lawyer do it alone, either. The person that […]

Negotiation tips for tough economic times part 2

We know how important saving money is right now. Here are some more negotiation tips for cost cutting: Maintenance – many software vendors will charge maintenance from the minute your contract is signed. Do your best to negotiate into the contract that maintenance can’t be charged until your system has gone live – this could save months and even years worth of charges. Market Yourself – to cut down on costs, agree to endorse your vendor’s product in exchange for […]

Negotiation tips for tough economic times: part 1

We hear about cost-cutting and layoffs now on an hourly basis. Many of our clients are coming to us asking how they can re-negotiate their licensing contracts to cut costs. Since we are sure everyone reading this blog right now is in need of some cost cutting, here are some tips to help you negotiate with your software vendors. Know your stuff – make sure you know your contracts inside and out, so you know what has been working for […]

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