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Microsoft Audits – What is worth fighting for?

Most common questions we get during a Microsoft Audit:

What are the primary points to negotiate with the supplier or their agent when an audit notice is received?
What are the points to fight for?
What are the points that are most important?

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Ballmer admits flaws in MS licensing, no change in sight

At a recent event in London, Steve Ballmer was asked about Microsoft’s complex licensing policies to which he acknowledged that yes, Microsoft licensing isn’t simple, never has been and probably never will be. So, is there a chance for changes

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8 Deadly Mistakes Made with Oracle When You Don’t Have a Good SAM Program

Software asset management is a crucial factor in reducing risk, increasing compliance and mitigating liability. CRN’s Matt Fisher really summed up the reason for SAM and why organizations can’t afford to ignore it last month in his Software licensing simplified

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