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Licensing the Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things” – eventually to be followed by the “Internet of Everything” – brings about the potential for enterprise software to be used by a vast new array of access points. With this comes licensing challenges and expense on a far grander scale. Organizations can opt to license enterprise software by user. For Oracle technology products such as Database or WebLogic, this is the “Named User Plus” metric. For Microsoft’s server software such as Exchange Server or SQL […]

SANS 20 Critical IT Security Controls #2: Inventory all Software

Most companies do a pretty good job of keeping an inventory of all their hardware such as servers, work stations, laptops and PD As. However, companies don’t usually put the same type of effort into tracking software that’s installed on their systems. Of course, there are many strong reasons for this, including the fact that it’s not easy to keep update with all the different types of software you need to use today. Hackers are always looking for vulnerable software […]

SANS Critical IT Security Controls #1 – Inventory your devices

Cyber attackers are constantly devising ways to hack into computer systems. You may have several test and development databases lying around across your in a semi-protected fashion. Or, your company may have recently bought and assigned a bunch of laptops. It’s essential that you patch ALL the computing devices in your environment, regardless of the purpose those devices may serve. In order to do this, however, you must first know the devices that your company owns. Even a small company […]

Who’s doing what with your data – need for an identity management system and auditing

The sensational revelations of the inside action of international diplomacy are still being revealed by WikiLeaks, which has access to a stash of about a quarter million of secret diplomatic messages between the State department and the U.S. embassies around the world. Of course, the revelations caused a red faced State department to fulminate about violations of national security by Wikileaks. The State department has just unveiled the cloak of mystery regarding exactly how the secret messages were accessed and […]

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